Our Message

To be part of the increase that God desires us to "hold fast the faithful Word." Titus 1:9

Psalm 127:1 "Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain." Our Call now is just to obey. Believe Him that He will perform that which He said He would do. Be faithful to work in the capacity that He has called us to. It is a great blessing and honour to be engaged and included in what God is doing.

Our Model

Bible based teaching and building a strong community of believers

We present Bible teaching and a Christian ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit and prayer that will inspire and nurture true Christian faith.

Inspiring a personal relationship with Christ. To serve people with ministry of worship, music, Bible preaching and teaching and a relationship of encouragement and support.

Our Mission & Vision

To proclaim the Word of God and salvation through Jesus Christ

Our Mission is to live and serve Christ in our homes, the church, and community because there is a God who loves us and has called us into His fellowship and work.

Our Vision is that we fully and freely live in Christ, giving witness and ministry in the name of Christ, as a mature Christian community in our society.

Our Roots

Short history of Taber Evangelical Church (formerly EMC)

In April 1994, Peter and Anne Wiebe were called to Taber. We started out as a Bible Study held in their home. The first service began in their home with two other families. By August, they needed more room and rented the old Mennonite Church. In the first service, 20 people were in attendance.

On October 29, 1995, we had our charter service and had our first 6 baptisms. In July 1996, we officially joined the Evangelical Mennonite Conference. Growth was substantial and in August 1996, we purchased and moved to our current location.


In spring 2000, Peter and Anne Wiebe resigned. Edwin and Lillian Plett had their Pastor installation service September 10, 2000. While membership was stagnant, average attendance increased over the years. By 2004 we ran out of space and added a trailer for extra Sunday School space. We had an average attendance of 120 people.

By the year 2006, membership and attendance were steady. Pastor Plett announced his retirement and resigned. On October 22, 2006, Dave and Audrey Wiebe had their Pastor installation service. By 2007 we were at an average attendance of 180 people.


In 2008, Dave Sawatzky was hired as the part time Youth Pastor. Attendance was an average of 200 people. By 2010 we were running out of room again and began discussing and expansion.

In spring 2011, we began an expansion that more than doubled our space. On October 16, 2011 we had our first service in the new building. In January 2012, Dave Sawatzky resigned. By 2013 we had an average of 240 people in attendance.

In August 2013, Dave Wiebe announced his retirement from full time pastoral work. Dick and Margaret Loewen had their Pastor installation service in September 2013.


Over the next few years, during the time of transition, attendance fluctuated and dropped to an average of 200 people. In July 2017, Dick Loewen resigned. The lay ministerial took the over the leading and preaching while the pastor search began.

In Spring 2018, Dave Wiebe came out of retirement to take on the position of part time interim pastor. He held this position until early 2019, when Jim and Janice Crawford became the new Senior Pastor couple. They served until the end of October 2022, and retired. Currently our Associate Pastor is Bram Klassen, and our interim pastor is Glen Plett. We see an average attendance of 250 people and have many families with small children joining us.

Our Facilities

Our journey

From being in a home, renting the old GC Mennonite Church, purchasing the old Moose Hall, and transforming it into our current facilities, we have come a long way.

Our building sees a lot of use, stop by and appreciate the history with us sometime.

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